Camping can inspire most of the pleasant thoughts. But due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, it brings a problematic question as well–Is it safe? The good news is that relatively speaking, camping is proven to be among the safer forms of recreation that you can pursue right now! Even so, regardless of the best air mattress for camping vacation, it is not without risks. This article will share some of the essential things to consider before you embark on an outdoor trip during this pandemic.

Book in Advancebooking


Finding a better place for camping when the mood strikes are more difficult during the pandemic. Thanks to increased interest in camping, fewer open campgrounds, and others limiting capacity to accommodate social distancing. The excellent news: although many locations are filling up, many state parks and other places allow free cancellation up to 48 hours in advance. It is advisable to do your research beforehand. Keep monitor the campsite before you arrive and switch to a remote site if the fields fill up. If the camp reaches a capacity that is uncomfortable for you, consider changing the date of your trip.

Sleep in Your Own Tent

Sure, tents have all kinds of access doors and umbrellas for ventilation, but if you are camping with someone outside your instant bubble, you should sleep in separate tents. Keep the tents at least six feet apart, and maintain social distance. While sunlight, wind, and temperature can reduce COVID’s transmissibility and infectivity, the risk outdoors has not been definitively measured. Thus it is safer to use your own tent or air mattresses following social distancing and minimize the possibility of being infected.

Bring Your Own Hygiene Gear

Before you go outdoors, please consider whether or not you will use public restrooms. Whether the answer is yes or no, plan ahead and equipped yourself with a hygiene kit consisting of disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, hand soap, water, paper towels, and sheets to use in a pinch. The more significant risk from public restrooms is sharing a poorly ventilated space with several people. Your best bet, should public restrooms be given the thumbs-up from people in your traveling party, is to wait outside until it is free, wear on your face mask, face shield, wash and dry your hands well, and, if you can, put the lid down when you flush.