If you plan to travel with your family, you need to put the rich history of Charlotte on your list as this city has various tourist attractions. The following are the best destinations in Charlotte for your entire family.


Water Parks

In the Charlotte area, you’ll discover several water park adventures. ranging from local favorites where you can expect to spend an entire week at a full park every day. Like other Big Wolf branded resorts, this center is the newest in the resort chain. 

If your family includes children of all ages, you’ll be relieved to know that the water park and attached recreational facilities include attractions for toddlers and adults. Younger children can enjoy a moment, the toddler slide, and the “Puppy Foot Pool” with numerous sprinklers and games. Made for a family ride around four people, you and yours will likely effervesce and splash thirty feet across the surfaces of the multi-level ride before slipping safely into a huge hot tub.

Nature Exploration


This non-profit outdoor park is designed to promote environmental stewardship and the preservation of birds of prey. Visitors are allowed to take a self-guided tour of the property but should dress for inclement weather. Although the city of Charlotte does not have a zoo in the neighborhood, there is one for your family if you don’t mind a small entrance fee. Tickets to your own zoo cost between ten and six dollars, along with discounts for seniors.

Dirt Track Racing

At Dirt Track Racing School in Gastonia, you’ll get your chance. With three different versions of cars available, racing enthusiasts can not only drive their car but also hop in the passenger seat to employ racing professionally to drive at extreme levels in the dirt. And while many American races take place on tangible surfaces, the dirt track offers high speed and big turns.

The Dirt Track Racing School

Dirt bike

This site only runs a few weekends a month during the summer season, so be sure to book early. Keep in mind that there is some work involved in learning to drive one of these cars, which isn’t fun at any other amusement park. However, if you are a fan of racing, you will probably produce some incredible memories.

When making your vacation plans, remember that these are just a few of the options available in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. But if you’re looking for a pleasant time, and some family fun without a large crowd, the above options are a great start.